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Billing and coding in nephrology, including nephrology medical billing, involves translating services provided by nephrologists into standard codes. This process is critical for accurate billing and reimbursement and continues to evolve with advances in healthcare and medicine. Nephrologists treat many conditions, including chronic kidney disease, high blood pressure, electrolyte imbalances, and autoimmune diseases that affect the kidneys.

Why Choose Us for Your Nephrology Billing Needs?

With the help of a team of professional coders, Med Bill Ultra provides specialist nephrology billing services that significantly reduce denials and maximize payouts by ensuring accuracy and compliance. Med Bill Ultra can manage your bills, and provide a quick resolution, timely submission of claims, and a streamlined process. Our dedicated staff offers comprehensive advice and information to enhance your practice’s financial security, allowing you to focus on providing exceptional patient care.

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You can make the most of your nephrology practice by utilizing our specialized billing knowledge, designed to boost revenue and streamline procedures.

Comprehensive Nephrology Billing Expertise

Our team of certified urology coders is proficient in handling billing and coding for various urology subspecialties, including:

Chronic Kidney Disease

Electrolyte Disorders

Kidney Transplantation


Electrolyte Disorders


Nephrology Billing CPT Codes

We ensure all procedures are accurately coded using the appropriate Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes, essential for minimizing claim denials and ensuring timely reimbursements. Some of the common nephrology CPT codes we manage include:

90960: The doctor manages monthly care for 20-year-olds with end-stage renal disease (ESRD). This treatment requires four visits per month to the doctor.

90961: The explanation of the code remains the same as above, but the doctor must provide this level of care by seeing the patient at least two or three times per month.

90962: The code below is identical to the one previously explained. However, the doctor must meet with the patient monthly to offer this care.

90966: Patients 20 years or older with end-stage renal disease (ESRD) undergo monthly home dialysis while the physician monitors all medical treatments.

90967: A patient under two who has end-stage renal disease, or ESRD, has all daily services related to dialysis therapy managed by the physician for less than a month.

90968: The physician provides daily services related to dialysis therapy for less than an entire month to a patient who is 2 to 11 years old and has end-stage renal disease, or ESRD.

90969: The physician manages all dialysis services for a 12- to 19-year-old with ESRD for less than a month.

90999: This code’s health and behavior assessment/intervention helps ESRD patients manage their medical issues and follow their dialysis schedules.

90970: This code treats a 20-year-old or older ESRD patient who undergoes daily dialysis.

90989: According to this code, the doctor instructs the patient and assists with dialysis procedures. This service provides extensive counseling and self-care teaching.

90993: This code describes the patient education programs available for home hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis. A doctor’s office or dialysis clinic can provide these facilities, such as managing treatment, educating patients, and teaching them self-care.

90997: These codes refer to hemodialysis services that demand extra medical supervision and care planning. Medical case management must review hospitalizations, progress notes, and medications given to ESRD patients receiving dialysis.

99221: During an initial inpatient or observation care visit, when a patient is initially admitted to the clinic or placed under observation, the doctor assesses and manages their care.

A visit is considered to have taken place if there were no complex medical decisions to be made and the physician spent at least 40 minutes on a single date.

99223: This code has the same description as the one mentioned above, but it involves a visit that requires a significant amount of medical decision-making, or the provider spends a minimum of 75 minutes on a single date for the encounter.

93784: The doctor recommends ambulatory blood pressure monitoring, a method where a patient wears a device that automatically measures their blood pressure at regular intervals over 24 hours. The results are then stored for later review.

36245: The CPT code is used for placing a catheter selectively in every first-order branch of arteries in the abdomen, pelvis, or lower extremities in a vascular family.

75716: This code is for supervising and interpreting radiological procedures involving the placement of a catheter in both extremities.

82042: The lab analyst measures the quantity of albumin present in a specimen, whether collected at a specific time or randomly and reports the measurement.

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Complete Billing Knowledge for Nephrology

Our team of certified nephrology coders is proficient in handling billing and coding for various nephrology subspecialties, including:

Practice Improvement

In addition to managing your nephrology billing requirements, we offer thorough reports and insights to strengthen the financial standing of your clinic. Our analytical tools help you spot patterns and opportunities for development so you can take well-informed decisions that improve patient care and operational effectiveness.

Compliance Assurance

One of the main tenets of our nephrology billing services is regulatory compliance. We make sure your practice complies with all relevant regulations and rules by keeping up with the most recent changes to healthcare legislation and insurance policies. Our dedication to compliance reduces the possibility of fines and audits, offering financial stability and peace of mind.

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Entrusting the financial stability of your practice to a group of committed professionals is what it means to partner with Medbill Ultra for your nephrology medical billing. You can concentrate on what you do best—delivering outstanding patient care—because of our experience, precision, and dedication to quality.
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We provide a range of medical billing services, including claims submission, payment processing, insurance verification, coding audits, denial management, revenue cycle management, or other medical billing services.
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