Case Study
Patient Statement Issues

Client Overview

The client is a mid-sized healthcare practice offering a range of services, including general medicine, specialized treatments, and routine check-ups. They were experiencing significant issues with patient billing, leading to dissatisfaction and appointment cancellations.


The primary challenge was that patient statements were being sent with incorrect or excessive balances. This error caused confusion and frustration among patients, resulting in numerous complaints and a notable number of patients canceling their future appointments. The billing inaccuracies were damaging the practice’s reputation and impacting patient retention.

Coding Denials


Decreased Revenue

Our Solution

Enrollment Process Initiation

Conducted a comprehensive audit of the existing billing processes to identify the root causes of the errors in patient statements.

Audit & Analysis

Conducted a comprehensive audit of the existing billing processes to identify the root causes of the errors in patient statements.

System & Process Improvement

Implemented improvements in the billing software and processes to ensure accurate capture and calculation of patient balances. This included updating the software settings, refining data entry protocols, and introducing double-check mechanisms to prevent errors.

Patient Communication

Developed clear communication templates and guidelines for addressing billing inquiries. Established a dedicated support line for patients to resolve billing issues promptly and effectively.

Solution Image
Results Achieved

Enhanced Patient Satisfaction

With accurate billing, patient complaints decreased, and satisfaction levels increased. Patients appreciated the prompt resolution of any billing issues.

Decrease in Appointment Cancellations

The number of patients canceling their appointments due to billing issues dropped by 80%, stabilizing the patient retention rate.

Improved Cash Flow

The practice’s reputation for reliable and transparent billing improved, fostering trust and loyalty among patients.

Successful Enrollment
Recovery of Lost Revenue
Improved Cash Flow
Enhanced Financial Stability


By addressing the root causes of billing inaccuracies and enhancing the overall billing process, we were able to restore patient trust and satisfaction. The reduction in billing errors led to fewer patient complaints and cancellations, contributing to a more stable and positive patient-provider relationship. Our comprehensive approach not only resolved the immediate issue but also established a framework for ongoing accuracy and transparency in patient billing, ensuring long-term success and patient loyalty for the client.

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