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Navigating the complexities of physical therapy billing requires more than just clinical expertise—it demands a thorough understanding of coding, documentation, and reimbursement processes. At Weave, we recognize the challenges faced by physical therapy practices in managing their billing operations efficiently. That’s why we’ve developed tailored software solutions, including our Payments tool, designed to streamline payment processing and optimize revenue cycles.
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Physical Therapy Medical Billing

In this guide, we’ll delve into the intricacies of physical therapy billing, providing insights into determining billing units, navigating common billing scenarios, and implementing best practices to ensure financial success for your practice. The number of fees charged for each medical service varies depending on factors such as the complexity and type of treatment and the duration of treatment. This type of payment standardizes the application process and ensures that providers are fairly compensated for their services.

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Physical Therapy Billing System:

Physical therapy billing utilizes a standardized unit-based system where each unit represents the time spent providing treatment. Factors such as case complexity, therapy type, and treatment duration determine the number of billing units for each service. This system ensures fair compensation for providers while streamlining the claims process. However, managing billing for a busy clinic can be daunting, with therapists treating numerous patients weekly. To mitigate this challenge, many therapists opt for automation through software and integrated platforms, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in billing claims.

Navigating PT Billing Units:

Determining PT billing units for physical therapy practices requires an understanding of the type of service provided and the corresponding CPT codes. Services can be categorized as either time-based or service-based.

Time-based codes, such as therapeutic services and gait training, follow the 8-minute rule, allowing one unit to be billed for every 15 minutes of service, with an additional unit if at least 8 extra minutes remain.

Conversely, service-based codes like hot/cold packs and mechanical traction are billed based on the type and complexity of the service, with only one unit billed regardless of treatment duration. Med Bill Ultra simplifies this process, ensuring accurate coding, medical coding services, and optimal reimbursement for physical therapy practices.

PT Billing & Evaluation Codes:

Understanding physical therapy billing encompasses more than just knowing CPT codes; it involves grasping timed codes, untimed services, and calculating billing units accurately. At Med Bill Ultra, we recognize the importance of precise billing to avoid claim denials, which can incur significant financial losses for your practice. With recent changes to the CPT code system, such as the elimination of codes 97001 and 97002 for initial evaluations, it’s crucial to adapt to the new service-based code requirements. Our platform ensures that therapy practices stay updated and compliant with these changes, optimizing reimbursement and minimizing claim denials.

97161: Low Complexity
97162: Moderate Complexity
97163: High Complexity

For evaluation, you use code 97164 instead of 97002. Reevaluation also requires a previous treatment plan, additional testing, and a new treatment plan. Medicare patients should be re-evaluated every 30 days or every 10 visits, whichever comes first.

As the healthcare landscape evolves, telehealth has emerged as a vital tool for therapy practices seeking to expand their reach and accommodate patients’ needs. At Med Bill Ultra, we understand the importance of seamlessly integrating telehealth services into your billing processes.

With recent changes to the CPT code system, such as the elimination of codes 97001 and 97002 for initial evaluations, it’s crucial to adapt to the new service-based code requirements. Our platform ensures that therapy practices stay updated and compliant with these changes, optimizing reimbursement and minimizing claim denials.

Telehealth sessions for Medicare Patients: 99201 to 99215

E-Visits for Physical Therapy: G2061 to G2063

Virtual Check-In Therapy Sessions: G2010 and G2012

Our platform simplifies the complexities of telehealth billing, ensuring adherence to CPT guidelines and modifiers required for virtual sessions. Whether it’s Medicare patient sessions, e-visits for physical therapy, or virtual check-in sessions, we provide comprehensive support to streamline your telehealth billing workflows. With our expertise, you can confidently navigate the telehealth landscape, optimizing reimbursement while providing exceptional care to your patients.

Group therapy sessions offer an efficient and effective way to deliver treatment to multiple patients simultaneously, optimizing resources and fostering a sense of community.

At Med Bill Ultra, we recognize the unique billing considerations associated with group therapy sessions.
Our platform simplifies the billing process for group sessions, utilizing the appropriate CPT code 97150 to accurately capture the provision of therapy to multiple patients.

With our comprehensive support, therapists can confidently navigate group therapy billing, ensuring compliance with billing guidelines and maximizing reimbursement. From dual therapy sessions to larger group settings, we provide tailored solutions to streamline your billing workflows and enhance practice efficiency.

PT Payment Method:

In physical therapy medical billing services, understanding the different types of billing units is crucial for accurate reimbursement. Billing units represent the frequency of service provided to a patient, typically defined by the Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) code system established by the American Medical Association. Service-based time codes, such as evaluations, are billed once regardless of the time spent.

On the other hand, time-based codes, like manual therapy treatments, are billed in 15-minute increments, with Medicare patients requiring adherence to the 8-minute rule for reimbursement. Med Bill Ultra ensures proper coding and medical billing services practices, maximizing reimbursement while adhering to regulatory guidelines.


In conclusion, effective physical therapy medical billing is vital for the financial health and sustainability of any practice. Accuracy in coding, documentation, and submission of claims is essential to ensure proper reimbursement and avoid costly denials. At Med Bill Ultra, we understand the complexities of physical therapy billing and provide tailored solutions to streamline the process. By leveraging our expertise and advanced technology, practitioners can optimize revenue, reduce administrative burdens, and focus on delivering exceptional patient care. Partner with us to achieve efficiency, compliance, and financial success in your physical therapy practice.

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