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We are an experienced urgent care billing services provider agency in the USA. Having dealt with over 50 urgent care practices, we are confident in streamlining your billing process, allowing you to focus on patient care. You need someone who can check your CPT codes, ensure patient documentation before submission to insurance companies, and have experience in recovery from insurance companies. Trust us - your medical billing is in safe hands.

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We understand the frustration when your urgent care billing agency lacks the necessary skills or falls short of expectations. With more than 12 years of expertise in the profession, we are here to provide the help and solutions you need. Don’t hesitate to share your problems or concerns with us, we offer insights and we do not charge for discussions and are committed to finding the right solutions for you.

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Urgent Care Coding Guidelines:

Following billing and coding guidelines in urgent care  involves translating the services provided by urgent care specialists into standardized codes. Urgent medical coding conditions, while not classified as emergencies, necessitate care within 24 hours.

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Keeping abreast of new coding systems, particularly CPT codes, is vital for ensuring timely payment, maintaining a healthy financial flow, and preventing denials. Equip your staff with training on the latest coding techniques, leverage online resources and coding tools, and invest in relevant software. Coding inaccuracies can lead to errors, disrupt cash flow, and diminish revenue. It’s imperative to diligently track and review all patient billing information. Additionally, ensure your staff is trained to legally maintain and retain records, including essential data such as National Drug Codes (NDCs) and multiple identifiers.

Urgent Care CPT Codes

Here are some common Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes used in Urgent Care Medical Billing:

Office or Other Outpatient Services:

S9083: Med Bill Ultra specializes in accurate billing for emergency medical services, including billing for all services based on international rates, including the effective CPT Code: S9083. This will require affordable hospitals and MCOs to play a significant role. Our team has the experience to ensure that claims are closed and forwarded, and we provide refunds to clinics quickly. Trust us to have the expertise and reliability to handle the complexities of Medical Coding, allowing you to focus on quality patient care.

S9088: Med Bill Ultra specializes in managing emergency medical bills, including careful handling of CPT code: S9088. This particular policy is important for urgent care centers because it covers the emergency room and its equipment. Our team of experts ensures that claims are recorded and submitted, ensuring urgent care providers are appropriately reimbursed for the valuable services they provide. Trust us to streamline your medical billing process so you can focus on providing timely, life-saving care to your patients.

99201-99205: Office or other outpatient visit for the evaluation and management of a new patient
99211-99215: Office or other outpatient visit for the evaluation and management of an established patient

In summary, the practice of Urgent Care billing needs to carefully monitor the payment of medical bills and observe changes. It involves an approach that includes hiring competent Urgent Care medical billing providers, ensuring correct information, error-free coding, and an effective latest application process. Using best practices and the latest technology, teams can ensure financial health, minimize denial, and increase the financial cycle efficiency of Urgent Care practice. While the coding process is complex and insurance issues problematic, strategies such as training staff, updating technology, keeping checks on records, improving policies, and implementing new rules and tools can encourage better performance and improve the delivery of services.

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